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Bye Bye Miller? Hello Laguna Seca?

Posted by Vicki Smith on May 27th, 2012 at 1:11 pm

Bye Bye Miller? Hello Laguna Seca?  

MotoGP insider Paolo Gozzi of GPOne.com believes SBK is in it’s last year at Miller.  It’s well known there are  problems with the Miller location and track,  which make this round an attendance under performer. They include racing on Monday to avoid religious conflict, disadvantages for TV audiences in the rest of the world who are not on national holiday on Monday, and of course the already mentioned small crowds. In 2008, when the primary goal was to get the series back in North America, a market important to series advertisers, it was possible to overlook these issues.  Now that both series have merged ownership, the perspective is different and it makes sense to consider a merge of venues, especially with so many N. American GP race choices.

Will this be our last view of Miller and SBK?

Paolo Gozzi speculates SBK is in it’s final year at Miller and in 2013, will go to Laguna Seca or Indy.  He also see’s the possiblility of a race date change, to September.

It’s an interesting concept, which likely takes the current AMA races out of the paddock, at least at Laguna, if only because the paddock itself is limited spacewise, and housing all three series, as well as scheduling them on track, would require some interesting logistics.  For those of us who remember the glory days when SBK was the big show at Laguna Seca, the possibility of getting them back to (specifically) this venue, is a welcome one indeed.  It would be pretty hard to say no to a weekend with that kind of entertainment value.

To see the story on GPOne.com: http://www.gpone.com/index.php/en/201205267040/La-Superbike-torna-a-Laguna-Seca.html



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