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Dear Mr. Smart…an open letter to Paul

Posted by Vicki Smith on May 11th, 2012 at 11:00 am

Paul Smart at the Ducati.net Ducstock National Ducati Party, 2011, enjoying the view from the Desmopro TV build "Cafe 31"

This was posted to the Ducati.net email group today: 

I met you yesterday, sort of.  I actually met a representation of you through the Paul Smart Limited Edition Sport Classic, of which some 2000 were made, and a friend of mine generously let me borrow.  A trip into some canyon country around Denver/Boulder was quickly arranged.

It’s a beautiful machine – a tribute to your win in 1972 at Imola – largely considered the starting point for Ducati’s success in the world of Superbike racing.  True to it’s heritage, it’s long, lean, and despite being equipped with modern hardware, feels fully vintage when riding it.

Smooth, stable, and slow to turn in, but once she does, she’s rock solid.  I had to pull a little compression and rebound out of the rear to make her a bit more compliant, but once that was done, no major complaints.

The sound through the twin, stacked Termi’s was heavenly, but with no open clutch cover, I missed the rattle I come to expect.

Thanks to you and to Fred for the ride…



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