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Ducati.net live from the Quail Lodge – The Ride and the Quail Motorcycle Gathering

Posted by Vicki Smith on May 5th, 2012 at 6:18 am

Quail Lodge Weekend


This weekend, Ducati.net and Ductalk are reporting from paradise, Carmel California. It’s the annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering and The Ride, both of which embody the spirit of riding, enjoying the company of other Ducati friends and gearheads and just plain getting out and checking out some great machines, about as well as you will ever see it done.

It's not all motorcycles at Quail, and what few cars are here are pretty cool. Like this VW service vehicle that came out for the start of The Ride

We will be adding to the photo gallery of sights and bikes all weekend and posting it here: