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From Ducati Corse to Italian Supersport to Larry Pegram to me – Gino Angella’s 749RS racer

Posted by Vicki Smith on May 14th, 2012 at 9:47 pm

Ducati.net Reader submission

By Gino Angella

For the 2012 race season, I decided to upgrade my program. Since 2005 I’ve been racing a Ducati 1000DS Supersport and despite some great results (including a Daytona CCS win in 2008), I was ready for something faster. Chris Boy from MotoCorse Performance had just the thing- A 2005 Ducati 749RS!

Gino on his 749RS in Jennings GP Turn 13, CCS SuperTwins race 4/2012. Photo by Lisa Theobald

The bike left the Ducati Corse race shop in Bologna in 2005, and was raced in Italian Supersport series during the 2005 season. It was then raced by Larry Pegram in the AMA Formula Xtreme series. From Pegram Racing, it made it’s way to the MotoCorse Performance shop in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. and was delivered to me exactly as it was raced by Pegram. It even had the  AMA Tech inspection stickers. After a full service by MotoCorse Performance tech Larry Zullo, I spent about a week going through the bike wire by wire and bolt by bolt. New Carbon Fiber bodywork and fresh paint completed the race prep.

As delivered from Ducati Corse, every fastener on the bike is Titanium. The full size Corse radiator / oil cooler dominates the front end. Full digital MTA Corse multi mode dash and Magnetti / Marelli data acquisition system records everything from travel on the Ohlins suspension to O2 in the exhaust. The 55mm Leo Vince titanium exhaust is supported by carbon fiber and titanium rear subframe by NCR. The swingarm is complete with “Baby” rear brake caliper by Brembo and quick change setup (as used in the Daytona 200 by Pegram). Engine is complete Corse spec and produces 140+ HP at the rear wheel.

The bike is an absolute blast on the racetrack. With lots of power on tap, corner exit drives and straights are quite exhilarating. Having been tweaked by some of the worlds best riders, the chassis is smooth and rock solid. It inspires incredible confidence everywhere from braking to full lean angle.

Come out and see us in action at a CCS Florida race near you!