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Laguna Seca Ducati Island Volunteer Sign Up

Posted by Vicki Smith on May 20th, 2012 at 3:18 pm

Laguna Seca Ducati Island Volunteer signup is OPEN! And Ducati.net is, as always, helping get the volunteer staffing set up.  Ducati Island’s magic starts and ends each day with the friendly faces of the Team Ducatisti volunteers who have so much passion for our brand. They are the heart and engine, of Ducati Island and there’s still a few slots left!

Ducati Island. Its the place to be at Laguna Seca

Heres how it works:

Two shifts qualifies for (1) general admission pass, a special Ducati Team Ducatisti staff shirt  and 1 Ducati Island parking pass. If you prefer to work only 1 shift you will receive a t shirt and Ducati Island parking pass.

FYI – If you plan to ride your Ducati to Ducati Island, the only way to get a parking pass is to purchase the Ducati ticket package from the track, or, be a member of the Team Ducatisti volunteer staff.

Spaces available include helping with Ducati Island parking, gear check, the registration desk and the grandstand kit hand out desk.

If you would like to work additional shifts for extra t-shirts or parking passes this is possible, but must be arranged in advance.

Interested?  e-mail Vicki@ducati.net
Mille Grazie!
Vicki Smith


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