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Vicki’s View | Ultimate Ducati vacation | Day 4

Posted by Vicki Smith on June 19th, 2012 at 4:20 pm

By now we have established a pattern – early up, get the luggage to the truck, see what’s for breakfast and be on the bike and ready to ride by 8:45.  Today’s route is one I know, in the opposite direction, from a past Motogiro d’Italia and we are looking forward to it’s complexity.  The group seems to have settled in and the road marshals are outdoing themselves.  At one point in the am one of them had somehow managed to collar two tractor trailers going in opposite directions and was letting the Ducati’s thread in between the two stopped trucks so we didn’t have to work to pass then on the road.

The scenery is breath taking, typical Italy in June and the route encompasses all one could ask for in a good day of riding.  We were having a ball.  It’s still hot but at the first am stop one of the guys found a hose and those that didn’t get blasted lined up for a soak.  Particular attention has been paid to the quality of the lunches and hotels making all the club presidents quite happy.  Our hotel today is an old “borgo” (small town) from the 1300’s complete with Templar chapel. The modern swimming pool was put to good use and the call to dinner was a reving bevel engine brought down by one of the local vintage guru’s, a friend from many past Motogiro’s.  While the clubs are mostly modern bike folks, vintage bikes are growing in favor and today when a Pantah showed up at lunch the entire group applauded it’s owner when he walked in the restaurant…….


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