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Posted by Vicki Smith on June 21st, 2012 at 12:01 am

We come from different places with one shared passion

We come from all over. We speak different languages. We share one passion.  Ducati is all we have in common and it’s everything.  The obvious purpose of the World Presidents Meeting is to give the people who wave the flag the highest, a chance to live the dream. Ride Ducati’s in Italy, eat the food, experience the history and see the red,white and green glow that is Italy and it’s people.  But what we take home, besides these memories is friendships, alliances, respect and camaraderie, with Ducati staff and other clubs.  We hear stories of the price some have paid for their love of the brand (one President, who lives in a country that has become increasingly dangerous, was shot 4 times by thieves trying to steal his Ducati. He drove himself to the hospital, and now rides in a bulletproof vest).  Maybe it’s not all so dramatic but these are the people that drive a car to the meet, with tents and boxes, so others can ride.  For us, there is no explanation needed why we do it, if you have to ask, well, you probably wouldn’t understand.

Today is the last day of the organized tour and it is to end at the Pizzeria of Valentino Rossi, in his hometown.  We start the day in a cave, incredible for its scope – more than 30km of tunnels, the great church in Milan would fit in it’s opening room. From there we slide into mile after mile of sweeping roads with cliffs and valleys, breathtaking scenes one after the other.  The evening is a festival of stories, laughter and really, really good pizza.

And now, we begin WDW……


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