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Vicki’s View | Ultimate Ducati Vacation | Day 6

Posted by Vicki Smith on June 22nd, 2012 at 5:01 am

WDW - If you build it they will come...

The famous line in the old movie “Field Of Dreams” was “if you build it they will come” and it keeps running thru my head here today.  Every time Ducati throws one of these World Ducati Week events it gets bigger and better.  I should know, I haven’t missed one yet.  To me it seems that each year, WDW is a mirror of the evolution of the brand Ducati, which is poised for great things right now, with the soon official arrival of Audi.  Since TPG’s first party the brand has grown in both size, scope and sophistication.  It’s fans are growing in numbers worldwide and by Thursday noon it was clear attendance records will be broken here this weekend.  Maybe I should say shattered, by 11am this am gear check was full and finding a parking space was chaos, the circuit was filling up so quickly.  Famous Ducati faces are everywhere here, just like in Field of Dreams, they came to the Misano World Circuit with it’s freshly erected “Ciao Marco” billboards, and brand new main entrance road, smoothing the way for Ducati fans to flow in like a river.  By the time you get in the gate I knew that if we could all find a way to deal with the heat that is baking Italy this week, Ducati was ready to impress with a party so big I’m pretty sure they can see it from space. Right now, from my view, it really IS a red planet.



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