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Vicki’s View | Ultimate Ducati Vacation | Day 7 | Rossi

Posted by Vicki Smith on June 23rd, 2012 at 9:03 am

If there is anything that defines Ducati these days, it’s Valentino Rossi.  And this weekend, at the biggest Ducati celebration every held, he’s here and using his power for good.  It’s difficult not to be star struck by him.  One of the highest paid athletes in the world (20th to be exact) he casts his smile on an unsuspecting admirer and it’s like an alien spaceship power light.  I watched him work a crowd of reporters and more importantly, one boy in a wheelchair and all you had to know about Valentino Rossi is that when he uses his power for good, it’s some powerful stuff.  The joy radiating from that boy was really something to see.  Rossi fans are a special breed, they believe he is special.  I have always been a Rossi fan and will continue to be one in the future.  He defines Italy for me in many ways and the crowds of patient fans, waiting, waiting, waiting for him is just part of the way this works.

This is what it looks like all afternoon long at the Rossi and Hayden garage

They are all here, the racers current and past and with no pressure to speak of this weekend, it’s impossible, even for them, not to get caught up in the party.  I walked by a window that looked out on the spectacle that is WDW and stopped to admire the simply incredible view.  Standing in the air conditioned press room, with the music of Ducati coming thru the windows and walls, all you can say is Wow.  The is just no real way to describe how it looks and sounds in person.  It’s a lot like a Ducati itself, this event.  They always look better in person….


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