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Is this the ultimate Valentino Rossi “Collectible”?

Posted by Vicki Smith on July 23rd, 2012 at 1:05 pm

Sure to make some lucky buyer the envy of the entire Rossi fan club, we don’t know if it’s the ultimate (that would probably be a series winning GP bike) but we are absolutely certain it’s among the biggest, at 38 feet.  Every so often a VR46 motorhome pops up for sale and according to the seller, this is his 2004 Monaco Windsor PDQ, all done in exterior shades of blue and white.  And, it’s on sale for a very reasonable 75,995 UK pounds. From the TravelworldRV website:

“Imported by us new and supplied to Mr Valentino Rossi! Our long standing customer and buyer of the ultimate. Vale would visit Travelworld and always ask what was the best motorhome he could buy? In 2004 this Windsor was the answer. Every box was ticked and this Windsor has been serviced regularly with ourselves.”  

In 2004, this was the best of the best. Want to see how much things have changed? Click the other links for some newer VR46 Paddock Cribs…

Complete with slide out, beds for 8 and a 400HP Cummins Diesel, all it’s missing is a “Valentino slept here”  bed plaque
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