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Nicky Hayden: Things are looking good for next year

Posted by Vicki Smith on July 22nd, 2012 at 8:06 pm


 Nicky Hayden on Sunday night’s edition of SpeedTV’s Wind Tunnel, when asked by Dave Despain what his plan was for next year:

“For me personally, uh, things are looking good. You know I love it at Ducati, it’s really uh, I really enjoy my team, I’ve got a good group of guys, so we don’t have anything final yet but we’re quite far in uh, some negotiations and really there’s not, uh, we’re not too far apart so I’m hoping that uh, you know, during the summer break after Laguna we have two weeks off before Indy and uh, I hope that we can have an agreement there. Like you say, last week in Mugello finally we seen, uh, we seen some good light.  With Audi coming in, I mean thats a great situation for Ducati. Audi’s a really big partner and uh, it’s only positive for the company so hopefully, uh, you know, we can get things rolling.”

On expectations for Laguna: “I definitely hope to get the best result of the year, ah you know at Mugello we were fighting for the podium so we’ll be extremely tough in Laguna, we know that, but we’re up for the challenge, and uh, that’s my goal, get the best result and somehow, some way on Sunday what I’d like to be, fighting for the podium.”

UPDATE – For the full video of this interview, click HERE


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