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Tribuna Mugello – it’s literally the Mother of all Ducati grandstands

Posted by Vicki Smith on July 17th, 2012 at 11:58 am

Nicky Hayden Tribute 2012 Tribuna Mugello (photo source Desmodromiclub Roma Facebook)

Tribuna. The literal translation is “grandstand” but the word seems to have evolved from Roman times when a Tribunal was a raised platform for addressing the troops or administering justice.  Find yourself in the middle of Tribuna Mugello (or any other jam packed Ducati grandstand) and you’ll see just how short that string is back to Roman times.

It starts the first time the Ducati Corse riders pass on the track the first session of the weekend and the Ducati passion crescendo rises as the race day gets closer. On Sunday it all steps up a notch when the Desmodromiclub of Roma steps in to oversee the over the top display of Ducati love the tribuna Mugello is so famous for, the card stunt.   It’s something different every time, but it’s always a grand gesture, a literal embrace from thousands of Ducati fans to their riders and the world.

Valentino Rossi Tribute 2012 Tribuna Mugello (photo source Desmodromiclub Roma Facebook)

It all started at Mugello but now they take place at many of the races and the grandstand at the IndyGP is actually called the Project Mugello grandstand, named that because at Indy we wanted to do a card stunt that would make the Italians proud. We got a hurricane instead. 1000 Ducati fans, pouring rain and gusting wind, one soaked Ducati owner shaking his fist at the sky in a Forrest Gump moment yelling “Is that all you got???” while rain poured sideways at the grandstand. But the weather cleared for the shortest of times, the MotoGP.com helicopter flew over and we knew the camera (and the eyes of the world were on us). We grabbed our soggy cards and held them high.  The cellphone of one of the Italians rang and he yelled out “they saw it, and it was decent!”

These days the Desmodromiclub has really stepped it up, giant grandstand sized printed fabrics, love letters to Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi, the display changing twice. It’s pretty incredible. The only thing more incredible is to find yourself in the middle of it. The cheers and horns blowing, different languages,  passion and precision all meeting as one.  If there was ever a single moment you will know you are a Ducatista it’s then.

OK? Ready??? Look for the helicopter…… GO! GO! Go!!!

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