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Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – an old fashioned good time event

Posted by Vicki Smith on August 9th, 2012 at 10:48 am

The fun starts here at check in, Ducati has thought of everything – sunscreen, chapstick, water, even trail mix, ride maps and a way cool pikes peak hat…

We’ve been to Pikes Peak, many years ago but never for the Hill Climb, an event, much like the Isle of Man TT that seems, well, kind of crazy.  This year the mountain is fully paved, a progression that has taken years to finish and has resulted in a lot of different records from the old dirt days to the current paved one.  This year’s records set will start a new era, and with a fully paved course – address new challenges, so it’s a great year to attend and here we are.

Ducati North America is here in full force in spite of the re-schedule because of wildfires that threatened the area.  It’s a different sort of event for them too, nothing like a MotoGP Ducati Island and the schedule is full of rides and parties and picnics in addition to the race itself on Sunday.  We plan to do the whole deal and fill you in on it as we go. For us this is a rare treat – a first time event nothing like anything we have done before.  Bring it!


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