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Pikes Peak, Saturday – The Mountain

Posted by Vicki Smith on August 11th, 2012 at 11:33 pm

Pikes Peak. There are no words to describe it’s majesty.

It’s the number one question everybody asks when you get here, “Have you been on the mountain yet?”  Today the answer was yes…

The day started with a group ride from the hotel, a police escorted scoot across town that would have been the highlight of most peoples day if we weren’t headed to Pikes Peak.  We gathered up at the gate and headed for a stop by the reservoir.  Oddly, it’s from there, not the summit that you get the first grasp of how large this mountain is.  The team is here and they show me where the finish is, pointing at a flat spot on the mountain crest far, far away and high overhead. It doesn’t even look like the same mountain, rather another one nearby.  Greg Tracy and Carlin Dunne are planning to lead us to the summit and there’s a bar-b-que lunch after.  

The ride to the top is incredible, every turn looks totally different from the last. The color variations are endless, the sky crystal blue. I was trying to think of how I could describe it and all that comes to mind is what someone wise said to me “There are no words”   What there are words for is the danger. This place makes the Isle of Man look safe.  To be a champion here is a sacred thing. And those who chase that dream lay their lives on the line for it. No run offs, no guard rails and absolutely no forgiveness, it’s rocks, trees and sheer drops, the likes of which are unimaginable.

We spend some time on the summit, at over 14,000 feet there’s not much oxygen, something I’d been concerned about, but we all felt fine enough to dive into some of the famous donuts they sell there, take some photos, and enjoy the spectacular view.  It crosses my mind that if heaven exists, this is what the view must be like…

Tomorrow – the race.