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A Salute To A Ducati Cruiser – Apollo 2 by Roberto Totti

Posted by Vicki Smith on November 18th, 2012 at 11:25 am

The Ducati Apollo was a bike well before it’s time. Conceived by Berliner, the US Importer in the mid 60’s it was built by Ducati to compete with Harley Davidson for the lucrative police bike market.  Only one copy exists today, tucked away in a private collection in Japan.  It’s design was problematic for many reasons, among them the lack of available tires capable of managing it’s estimated 100 horsepower and it’s lack of ground clearance in corners.  No production followed but the Apollo remains an idea that fascinates to this day.

Enter Roberto Totti, an Italian motorcycle builder in Bologna, Italy well known for his customs and specials.  In 2005 he used a Ducati bevel squarecase motor as the heart for his Apollo tribute, featured HERE on the TottiMotori.com website along with a number of other Ducati (as well as non-Ducati) based projects….

There are some other good photos of the project HERE on the MensReverie.com site






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