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MotoGP: Business or Sport?

Posted by Vicki Smith on March 29th, 2013 at 8:30 am

Nicky gloves

I know, that’s a dumb headline right?  Of course it’s a business, all sports are business. But MotoGP with it’s colorful machines and traveling circus aspect has moments when it’s possible to just enjoy the sporting aspect of the game itself.  This video, which is a recap of the final Jerez official test is a remarkably candid peek behind the curtain of getting ready for business as it will be offered in 2013.  Teams have been restructured and with that new personalities and demeanors must be determined. In some cases even re-invented.  Clown, crown prince, steely champion, these are all hats on a virtual shelf that must be selected and put on and this season more than most there are many new hats available.

For me there is much to see in this small piece of beautiful video but it all pales to about three seconds of footage at 1:49 seconds. At that moment, the future of the sport in 2013, becomes to me, crystal clear.

Can’t wait to get racing and watch it all unfold.





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