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Austin: Red Bull MotoGP Day 1 – The view from space

Posted by Vicki Smith on April 17th, 2013 at 5:29 pm
Ducati Grandstand, like the view from space!

Ducati Grandstand, like the view from space!

We’re here and it’s been a good day. Flights on time, even an upgrade on the long leg and the first friendly face we see when we get off the airplane is Nicky Hayden.  The thumbs up in the photo, that for you.

A quick trip to the Circuit of the America’s leaves me with a few impressions. The first is the Ducati grandstands are incredible. The location is certain to make those that are sitting there very happy.  It’s like the view from space.2e0456aaa7a511e2963d22000a1f9cad_7

And second, that there are some very happy land owners all around the circuit.  I came in the back way and every lot with a trailer and a dirt driveway has a giant, brand new for sale realtor sign on it. One thing is for sure when you see the size and magnitude of CotA, it’s not the middle of nowhere, anymore.

More tomorrow.

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