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Day two – Bad weather and big news

Posted by Vicki Smith on April 18th, 2013 at 5:28 pm
Ben Spies at Ducati Austin

Ben Spies at Ducati Austin

Day two started with a downpour and some pretty impressive wind, enough to take out some of the less secured tents and signs which took an immediate beating. And then the temp dropped about 30 degrees sending people scrambling for jackets and hoodies. Meanwhile the big talk of the day was Ducati losing a CEO and getting a new one in a matter of moments, (Congratulations Claudio Domenicali!) and the fire in the pits last night, which caused a mess and a lot of extra work but reports state not much more.

Big events today are all at Ducati Austin with a crowd of Ben Spies fas (and a few friends too) kicking off the day (and of course a visit from Ben himself) And then Kevin Schwantz kicked off the cocktail party which is still going on right now….

Bikes on the track tomorrow. Let the action begin!




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