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West Coast Monster Anniversary Ride – We’re off!

Posted by Vicki Smith on May 3rd, 2013 at 7:44 am


20 years.  Ponder that. The only motorcycles that have been in production that long are class defining, life changing machines. Sportster. Bonneville. Goldwing. Motorcycles that redefined riding and how we did it.  And now the Ducati Monster is among them. Clearly something needed to happen that was a proper tip of the hat to a motorcycle like that so we decided to do what it does best, we just went for a ride….

Incredibly, I have never ridden a motorcycle up the California coast so yesterday’s ride was a special experience for me.  View’s of the Malibu coastline, green hillsides and vineyards so breathtaking, sobered by the wildfire that has now made it’s way to the coastline and that we were lucky to make it past. In spite of that it was a great day, a proper tribute and those along for the ride are having a blast…

Some photos from Day 1 of the Ducati Monster 20th Anniversary West Coast Ride: HERE



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