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Builder Interview: AreteAmericana 999 Italia

Posted by Vicki Smith on August 11th, 2013 at 8:21 am
AreteAmericana 999 Italia

AreteAmericana 999 Italia


Every big Ducati event weekend there’s always a standout bike people leave the track talking about and Laguna Seca was no exception.  What was interesting about the bike that stood out a few weeks ago onLaguna Seca Ducati Island was that under normal circumstances, in a literal sea of Ducati’s, a 999 Superbike would be just another nice bike among hundreds of other nice bikes.  But this 999 stopped people in their tracks.  Subtle and elegant, the AreteAmericana 999 Italia is a lovely piece of work.  It’s also clearly a professional build. One look at the 848 swingarm and the beautiful custom seat treatment and it had my attention (as well as a good bit of respect)  so I decided to follow up with Bryan Peterson, who built it, to learn a bit more about this interesting bike, and how it came to be.


Vicki: So Bryan, why this build, this bike?


Bryan: Why did I build it?? The only real answer I have for that is why not? The bike came about because I had tons of spare parts laying around so I was like, “I’m gonna build a new bike”. So, we just started putting a bike together. I, like many, hated the 749/999 at the time but now love them and feel like some of the styling is so current.  I just wanted to try and make a 2013 version of the bike with my own twist and a little GP flair – that’s why it looks very front heavy and has a self-supporting tail.


Vicki: Anything in particular on this build stand out for you?


Bryan: My favorite part of the bike is really hard for me and I feel there are lots of little clever touches and there is a lot that I like but there is still some stuff that I don’t really and since so much of the bike’s outside is 1-off and hand shaped by me I’m kind of over it, but I do really like the overall package. Every piece/part of this bike no matter what it is (cheap, name brand, hi-dollar) it’s all been color matched and everything goes from the blacked out Ohlin’s front end to the 1098s rear shock all recoated with the spring weight stamp replaced with our shops name in the stock location (which is the only place on the bike that says our name) I’m also a big fan of the tail (which is NOT from Radical Ducati) The tail is a 1-piece self-supporting Carbon fiber part that took me 6 weeks to shape the prototype. It is all carbon with 4 Ti bushings that go where the bolts go through, with a molded tail light and the blinkers hidden under the 2 Carbon rear number plates that float 1mm above the tail. Another cool thing about it is it only weighs 2lbs (without paint and the seat)


Vicki:  Since you have been lucky enough to ride it, what are your impressions?


Bryan: The bike feels very light to ride and fun, it’s very loud. I don’t really like to ride it because I’m so nervous that I will mess it up, the one big down fall to having a super nice bike. So with that said, the fact that the bike was sold makes me happy because on one hand it was sold to an all-around good guy, and because I’d rather ride a stock bike, but rather look at this one. Knowing someone else that didn’t build it, and doesn’t know how much time went into it, but can and will love it is what it was really built for. It’s a 999 that lost 100lbs. The one big down side to selling the bike is it’s going 3000 miles away so I can’t really show it or have it in person to show people the kind of work I like to do.


Vicki: So in additional to being beautiful, it’s a rolling billboard for AreteAmericana…


Bryan:  The bike has been used to promote our shop and showcase what we can do with coatings and custom composite work. I really built it over the last 3months and retail value of the parts alone was about $44k  – the brakes are worth $11k alone and the calipers came as a spare set from the 2008 SBK world champion bike that Ducati NA bought for AMA –  not including the coatings or labor, but I have much less then that into since I traded and got really good deals on a lot of the parts.


Here are some of the AreteAmericana 999 Italia Specifications:


999r frame
Brembo RCS masters
HP rotors
32/36 billet machined monoblock radical calipers
34mm billet machined endurance rear caliper w/custom mount
TOBY steering damper
Ohlins FGRT210 30mm Front end
Ohlins 1098s rear shock w/DP adjuster
Forged Alu Marchesini wheels
1-off 57mm stainless exhaust w/SLR style outlet
848 Swingarm

AEM hub w/quick change sprocket
Yoyodyne slipper w/black keepers and ti springs and bolts
Rizoma clutch and sprocket cover colour matched to the machined case covers
1-off Carbon fairings
Custom Radical Ducati carbon tank
Self-supporting Carbon solo tail (weighing 2lbs)
Custom carbon seat pan with leather and suede double stitched seat held down by 8 custom made, color matched grommets
Ti everything

For More information on AreteAmericana click HERE

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