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Special Report: Motogiro Australia

Posted by Vicki Smith on November 13th, 2013 at 6:05 pm
Fun Down Under - Motogiro Australia

Fun Down Under – Motogiro Australia

Extra big thanks to our reader John Stoddart for this special report:

Australia as we all know is a long way from anywhere else, and has been a hot bed of interest in Italian motorcycles even before Troy and Casey came on the scene. Once the flush of youthful racing has past, many of  those enthusiasts of older Italian machinery would want to do something fun with their bikes. One option is to pack them up and send them on the long journey to their homeland to compete in events there. A simpler option would be to have an event in Australia, alas without all the fine Italian food and wine!!

So 4 years ago, the idea was hatched for an Australian version of the Moto Giro over 3 days. This year the organizing committee decided to add 2 more days of riding. The 2013 event attracted over 40 entries and riders came from 4 states of Australia. One enthusiastic rider did the trip on his 250cc Ducati from Sydney to the event and back adding 3500.kms ( 2200miles) to his total.

The event had 3 classes-

Vintage- pre1958   Max capacity 175cc
Classic – pre1968  Max capacity 250cc
Modern – pre 1978 Max capacity 500cc

The event is not timed and the emphasis is on getting your bike out of the shed and having fun.
The first 2 days were based out of the town of Boonah and the rides ranged over the border into the state of New South Wales via many of the untrafficked, winding roads in the area. Then the event moved to its traditional base in the rural town of Woodford, a place famous for its annual music festival.
Nice twisty rural roads around Woodford provided great action for all. Saturday the ride went across to Haigsleigh and a visit to the Australian Motorcycle Museum. (www.australianmotorcyclemuseum.com.au/)  The Museum provided a sumptuous Aussie style bar-b-que with hamburgers and snags ( Australian style bar-b-que sausages). Then it was back to Woodford for the final night dinner, the guest speaker was Neil Green who did a presentation of his trips to Italy for the Moto Giro there.

Sunday, the ride went to the Mapleton Pub for lunch and all enjoyed the view out to the coast, then it was back to Woodford to disperse homeward after 5 days of fun and comraderie.

Anyone interested in competing in next years event should contact Peter Morrow at p.s.morrow@bigpond.com

For lots of great photos of the event, click HERE


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