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Thanks for the memories…

Posted by Vicki Smith on November 7th, 2013 at 8:44 am
WDW 2010 (Vicki Smith Photo

WDW 2010 (Vicki Smith Photo)

This weekend is Nicky Hayden’s last race for Ducati Corse before he renews his relationship with Honda.  As sad as it makes me to see him go I think a lot of Ducati fans feel the same as I do – he gave his all to our brand, he never said a cross word and I think there might be some sort of record there because he held his tongue while all his team mates (including the currently contracted one) let Ducati have it.  I chose this picture because on this day we were treated to a side of Nicky Hayden that wasn’t on display very often –  Troy Bayliss won the drag race but Nicky Hayden  put on a show that was really something to see, he OWNED the racetrack and the crowd was chanting his name and even Rossi knew to stand aside.

This man has well paid his dues and deserves whatever he pleases. I think Ducati was lucky to have him, his work ethic, his family and friends for as long as they did . I wish him luck at Honda and in everything he does going forward.  Nicky Hayden is, in my opinion, the very definition of “Brand Ambassador”

Thanks for the memories NH69,



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