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Ducati Superbike Design by Steven Galpin

Posted by Vicki Smith on February 27th, 2014 at 3:26 pm

Steven Galpin's VR46 Ultimate Ducati Streetbike Design

Recently Ducati.net posted a design study drawn by Steven Galpin, a young UK design school graduate. He approached us with his final year project which he had spent some time working on. He envisioned it as the Ultimate Ducati streetbike, and a tribute to Valentino Rossi to celebrate the end of his career.  His hope was that we might help him get his name out because he is seeking a job. To say it was a popular post would be an understatement. In just a few days the post has had almost 400,000 views and more than 3500 “shares”. In the process there were a lot of great questions posted seeking more information on the design, which once again, is a student drawing, not something penned by the manufacturer.  And while there might be some pretty great leaps of whimsy, it’s hard not to like the way he’s thinking…

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Stevin Galpin:

Ok so I live in Hereford England, I am currently unemployed and I have finished all of my education but I did attend Swansea Metropolitan University in Wales.
My dream job would be to work for a high end motorcycle manufacturer as a designer with the hope of one day seeing my sketch come to life and been seen on a public road.
The bike is intended to be the most powerful superbike Ducati have ever produced using an upgraded panigale engine, producing an experience that is as close as possible to a moto gp bike but within street regulations..the exhaust system is integrated into the swing arm, this is to reduce the weight of the bike and keep the centre of gravity low whilst not interrupting the lines of the bike. This is achieved by having a flexible element to the exhaust that is able to move with the swing arm. As the bike is only a concept I haven’t spent too long on researching how it could be done but from my research I haven’t found any other bike using this system. Ducati are famous for being the first at everything within the motorcycle world for example the first manufacturer to use under seat exhausts.
The bike is designed for 2018 so the chassis is made from a material called graphene this allows the bike to be incredibly light weight, intensely strong and there is no need for wiring as the material is also able to carry electrical signals. This has also never been used in vehicle design before.
When Valentino left I thought it was a little sad as it is an Italians dream to win with an Italian manufacturer especially for the fans. But at the same time Valentino has always wanted to push his riding limits and be the best so if he felt he wasn’t achieving that with the Ducati then I understand his decision to leave.





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