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Presenting…My office. This literally IS Vicki’s View

Posted by Vicki Smith on February 25th, 2014 at 3:24 pm
Ducati.net and Ductalk.com happens here...

Ducati.net and Ductalk.com happens here…

We’ve been collecting Ducati items for years and years with the end game being to set them up in a museum display of some type.  Some of you have seen some of it at the MotoGP’s on Ducati Island. Well, it’s finally found a home. DAN_6920 Still a work in progress (haven’t done the floors yet). And the rest of the move in is still progressing but we are largely done with this room which is where I work.  Big thanks to Ducati guy Mark Polito for his expertise on the red lacquer and birds eye maple shelves and desk.   What do you think? DAN_6921



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