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Best Wishes and Soap Operas…

Posted by Vicki Smith on March 19th, 2014 at 10:22 am



(Video Interview with Paulo Ciabatti HERE)

If racing defines Ducati than MotoGP is the very definition of the future of the brand and well, lets just say the last couple of years have been tough on the team and it’s fans. Now we are on the eve of a new season and if there ever was a year that could be called a fresh start, this is it.

As a long time industry analyst I would also describe myself as an “armchair quarterback” who like many fans of the brand, generally has some opinion on how best to steer the ship. I am especially happy to report that as far as I am concerned, this direction, the one where they line up great people and get them working as a team, is really exciting to see.  I’d even go so far as to say it warms my heart to see so many of the historic Ducati faces, back in red. For me, motorcycles are just metal, without life unless a person gets involved. It’s the people that make them interesting, who find the clever solutions that make the bikes stand out from the pack. And especially for Ducati, a brand that so often is described as having “soul”, it’s how that soul enters the machines.

To even the most casual observer of MotoGP it’s pretty clear that this year has the potential to be different.  The chaos, rule changes, pre-season injuries and manufacturer bickering combined with most of the grid coming off current rider contracts is already heading into Spanish soap opera novelas territory. But the one thing about those soap opera’s is anything can happen, and the underdog always has a shot at happiness.

So lets wish the men and women of Ducati Corse the best for 2014.  It’s a lot easier to find the big solutions when you feel like the fans are behind you.

Vicki (who is saving some good thoughts for Nicky as well)


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