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Massimo Tamburini, Motorcycle Designer – 1943- 2014

Posted by Vicki Smith on April 6th, 2014 at 6:59 pm

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Italian icon dies of lung cancer at 71.

If you are a lover of Italian motorcycles then it’s really possible you can remember right where you were standing the first time you saw a 916 Ducati.  For me it was in Milan at the Milan Motorcycle show, right there in the front row when Claudio Castiglioni pulled the cover off it and the rowdy Italian crowd went from noisy to hushed whispers of “Bella, bella, bella”. Thus was the effect this man had on machines and on motorcycle companies. He reimagined them, and saved at least two of them in the process. His pursuit of what he believed to be perfection made him difficult (his words) but (his words again) if he wanted something done his way, that’s the way it was going to happen. He made motorcycles look different. His Ducati Paso was billed “as the shape of things to come” and it was, fully faired motorcycles became the norm quickly after it’s unveiling. The same with undertail exhaust, and dual headlights, both takeaways from the 916 and perhaps perfected with the simply stunning pipe organ style MV Agusta exhaust. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Massimo Tamburini died knowing he was a sincerely flattered man.

Rest In Peace Sir.


A Fan

For a good look at the man read John Urry’s interview of Massimo Tamburini HERE


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