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Posted by Vicki Smith on May 9th, 2014 at 6:12 pm



Review By Vicki Smith

If you are a fan of Apple products like iPhones and iPads then you know if you use them at all without a protective cover it’s just a matter of time before one hits the floor.  I’m a tech geek with a ridiculous amount of electronics and writing this it has crossed my mind that finding a great phone is easy enough, but a really perfect case, not so much.  Add  to that, that for me a really perfect case is also probably Ducati branded, something I have gone to great lengths to accomplish, once even having a leather case laser etched  with a Ducati 750SS.

When ElementCase announced at CES 2014 its partnership with Ducati it was for a full line of products: the Soft-Tec  iPad Air Folio, the Rogue iPhone 5 / 5S case and the Solace, also for the 5/5S.  What’s nice about this is that the cases are coupled with what I would call a “lifestyle system” of bracket  attachments called DEK Mounts that allow them to securely attach to your Ducati, car or bicycle,  while still in whichever Element case you have selected.

Ductalk will review all of these, starting today with the ElementCase iPad Air Folio. ElementCase1

Made of a made of a material called Tech-Grip and tastefully Ducati branded the Soft-Tec  Ducati Folio is available for both the iPad Air and the iPad Mini as well as the iPad 2/3/4 and comes with a bright red synthetic suede lining. What holds the iPad in place is a polycarbonate shell and the fit is superb.  None of this seems to add much to the weight or feel of the unit which I found to be quite appealing in every way.  Opening or closing the cover turns the device on or off, a feature that is not mentioned on the ElementCase website but that I really liked and many buyers expect since Apple started offering it in the Smart Case that they sell.

Another thing I liked about the ElementCase is it really does have the kind of fit and feel of a high quality OEM case but I found more versatile because of the way it folds. I carry my iPad with me pretty much everywhere I go, and the ElementCase is able to fold in enough ways that I have yet to find an angle I need it can’t deliver.

Finally, the only thing getting more complements from friends and fellow Ducatisti is the Ducati branded Solace case on my iPhone 5S (more on that soon). At almost exactly the same price as the OEM Smart Case choosing the ElementCase Soft-Tec is an obvious way to go.


Subtle branding is tasteful and appealing

Works perfectly

Offers adequate protection for any use short of extreme



Felt lining isn’t quite “Ducati Red”

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