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Ducati Diavel Updates, Part II – Backrest

Posted by Vicki Smith on June 11th, 2014 at 4:48 pm

Roadtrip! Today we look at a Diavel backrest mod…

Yesterday we ran a windshield comparison from Ducati.net contributor Gene.  Today Gene is going to share the details of the other modification he has done for “Road Comfort” with the help of  Donnie Unger, from Ducpond (Ducati Winchester), a Diavel backrest that has made Gene’s fiancee, the lovely Nora very happy:

Ducpond, also added a passenger back rest for me.  Donnie Unger has developed a mod for the standard Diavel (non strada) version that attaches the backrest to the passenger grabrail. He fabricates a bracket and drills a couple of holes. It has two positions just like the grabrail, the forward position which Nora prefers, then the rear position which might be better for full bodied passengers. The other thing is the whole thing comes off with two bolts. I think this might be of interest to others but naturally they would want to work through Donnie since it’s his design/build.  diavel 020


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