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Ducati Diavel Windscreens: Barracuda vs Fabbri

Posted by Vicki Smith on June 9th, 2014 at 3:47 pm
Gene and the Barracuda Aerosport Winshield

Gene and the Barracuda Aerosport Winshield

Get a couple of Diavel guys together and windscreens are a hot topic. So when Ducati.net contributor (and hard core rider) Gene, told us he had done a test we asked if he would like to share it here on the blog. Gene’s test was simple, buy them both and try them. Here’s what he had to say:

So lots of positive comments have been made about the Barracuda windshield for the Diavel but I also heard good reports on the Fabbri GenX The Barracuda was on back order so while I was waiting for it I ordered and put the Fabbri on. I was pretty happy with the Fabbri, but yesterday the Barracuda finally came in.

Gen and the F.Fabbri GenX Winshield

Gen and the F.Fabbri GenX Winshield

I put it on last night and rode the Diavel this morning. I prefer the Fabbri.  Both windshields offer clean air at the helmet with no buffeting, but the wider width of the Fabbri also keeps the air off my shoulders and the Barracuda does not. As you can see in the two pictures, the Fabbri is several inches wider and that extra width does a better job of keeping the wind off of my shoulders. (I have taken photos of me on the bike with both windscreens so readers can get an idea how it fits my size and build)  That is my experience between the two, others with a different body build may not have the same experience.  I do admit that the Barracuda looks better than the Fabbri currently, but I plan to have the Fabbri painted to match the bike(Blue with white stripe) and I think it will look much better.





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