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Mugello, the Mother of all Ducati Grandstands

Posted by Vicki Smith on June 1st, 2014 at 1:41 pm
2014 Mugello Tribuna

2014 Mugello Tribuna


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A few years back when the Indy MotoGP was first announced, I was working with another Ducati club to organize a Ducati grandstand. We had visions of 300 seats and that’s what we initially asked the speedway staff to discuss but as our confidence in the turnout grew so did the grandstand.

I tagged it Project Mugello, after the grandstand that is the Mother of all Ducati “Tribunas” (the Italian term for forum which goes back to the Romans and the tiered seating of large public gathering places.) In Italy, this place is so important it merits a visit from the riders and team during the weekend. Anyway our tribute grandstand just kept growing, to 700 and then 1000, I think the final number was 1164. When we arrived pre-event for the site inspection,  Danny from Ducati stood in it;s shadow, then  turned to me and said “why is it SO BIG?”

Weeks later, when I arrived at the track on race weekend, I saw the name of the seating printed on the tickets said PROJECT MUGELLO.  I thought that was pretty cool. I mean, not too many people can say they got to name a whole seating section at Indianapolis Motor Speedway…


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