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Ducati Scrambler Unveiled

Posted by Vicki Smith on September 30th, 2014 at 9:32 am


Introduced in four versions, the Icon, the Urban Enduro, the Full Throttle and the Classic, Scrambler will be available at dealers beginning early 2015

The Ducati Scrambler, easily the most endlessly partially unveiled bike in creative motorcycle marketing history, finally saw the unobstructed light of day earlier today in Cologne, Germany. Designed as a modern bike inspired by the vintage Scrambler Ducati sold in several versions from the late 50’s to the mid 70’s, it seems to us well poised to appeal. In an industry where the biggest looming issue is younger buyer market growth the Ducati Scrambler might be the home run needed, appealing to both new (and younger) buyers as well as long time Ducati owners who might prefer a Ducati product that was less expensive, lighter, and easier to live with daily than a full on superbike. And women. Women now make up 25% of the market and is often reported as the fastest growing segment. Ducati Scramblers low seat height of 30.3 inches and wet weight of 410 pounds leaves very few men, women or young riders out of the equation.

Here are a few facts about the Scrambler:

Introduced in four versions, the Icon, the Urban Enduro, the Full Throttle and the Classic.
The Icon version, will be offered in yellow and red. The Urban Enduro, with its “Wild Green” paintjob, is for enduro style enthusiasts and easily switchable from city streets to country
backroads in an instant. The Full Throttle is for riders who prefer a flat-track racing style who have a
preference for pushing things to the limit. And the Classic is for devotees to classic details and a 1970s look who prefer the riding pleasure and comfort of a modern-day bike.

Price: In the USA the Icon in red is MSRP $8495.  ($100 more for yellow), all other versions are $9995

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Technical specs:


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