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Art or Murder?

Posted by Vicki Smith on December 8th, 2014 at 5:53 pm


I’d be the first person to say that Ducati motorcycles in general are art. Of course, as we have all heard, “Art is in the eye of the beholder” but this year at Art Basel, Miami, one of the worlds largest gathering of art lovers that takes place yearly, I came across two Ducati art projects within blocks of each other. They could not have been more different.

The first, a blinged out Diavel by (wait for it…) artist Mr. Bling, was commissioned by Ducati Miami and fit the spirit of the week well.  I didn’t ask the price, (or whether sun glasses came with it) but in person under the showroom lights it was pretty spectacular.

The second, well, I’ll explain it and I look forward to your comments.  Mounted to a huge canvas was a 900SS that had been sawed in half and painted over in the style made popular by Jackson Pollock.  It was explained to me that the artist, an Italian from Genova by the name of Federico Uma felt that this Ducati was a symbol of greed, which he embodied by putting a “diamond” in the tank and a dollar bill on the front fork.

The artist wasn’t there but I explained to the (really nice) gallery owner that I thought it was ironic that the particular Ducati he had murdered was the one most loved by people new to the brand because it was so affordable.  That it’s appeal was that it represented a fine Italian machine the masses could easily buy.  I kept my final thought private because it occurred to me that this poor slaughtered SuperSport was likely picked by the artist for that very reason, it was cheap.

Want to take it home? Get your wallet out. The price of his political statement against capitalism? $80,000  For a video of both bikes click HERE