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Photographing Motorcycles With the iPhone 6

Posted by Vicki Smith on January 25th, 2015 at 5:49 pm


Today we look at the Olloclip 4-IN-1 Lens system…

For the last year or so I have been sporting an iPhone 5s and while it’s not my main photo tool, (that’s still my Nikon DSLR) I’m no different than everybody else, I often rely on my phone to get the shot because it’s “the camera I have on me”. Because I shoot lots of photos of motorcycles in crowded places I felt I needed something wider angle than the standard iPhone, which does a great job as long as you can get a clean 5 foot field between you and the bike. At a busy race or show that’s sometimes tough to do. I’d already been thru a ton of magnetic lens options, which return good, wide angle photos, but tend to fall off easily.  So for the closer in shooting, and, to make my photos stand out from the crowd, I researched the remaining options and found a pretty clever flip top Olloclip case and matching 4-IN- 1 lens.

But the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are an all new design.  Would the new design Olloclip 4-IN-1 Lens work as well?

First impression on unboxing was the immediate thought of how much beefier the new design was. And how well it matched the phone. Olloclip offers 5 color choices and I had opted for the white with gold lens, which was a spot on perfect fit and color match for my phone. (Olloclip systems are sold in Apple stores) The clip on process is super simple and included is an insert that adapts the clip to accommodate my 6 Plus. A quick inspection of the lens and it’s clear the Olloclip is much higher quality glass than any of the magnetic alternatives, this is a real optical lens.

Right now it’s not designed to be used with a case, scary for me because I am the type of person that lives in fear of dropping my phone. But Olloclip tells me there is one coming in March, 2015.  On the other hand the new lens design is very secure, and it’s nice to not have to worry the lens might unclip. Also nice is the lens comes with a lanyard and a trio of multi colored clips the lens can be stored in when it’s off the phone. This might not be needed for everyday but it’s perfect for vacations or anytime you might want to get to the lens quickly. Another much appreciated feature is it works on both the front and rear camera so it’s great for selfies with a big view of the scene behind you or pics of multiple people that might not fit with just the standard iPhone camera.

I decided the local upcoming motorcycle show would be perfect for a tryout so I headed down to Miami for IMS to see how it did in the real world.

Lets start with an idea how much the lens affects your image. I am only using the wide angle, and fish eye because the 2 macros (10x and 15x) are to magnify very close, small, things.

Original image, iPhone 6 Plus

Original image, iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus with wide angle Olloclip

iPhone 6 Plus with wide angle Olloclip

iPhone 6 Plus with Fish Eye Olloclip lens

iPhone 6 Plus with Fish Eye Olloclip lens

I am standing in the same place for all three photos, roughly 6 feet from the bike. With just the Olloclip, you can cut that down to about half and still get the whole bike from the side. But where this lens really shines is for Instagram which requires square photos. It’s great for close up angles and you can still stay almost as close, and get the whole motorcycle.  If you want to see more photos from the Miami IMS show the whole iPhone gallery is HERE


  • Really expands your iphone’s camera capabilities
  • Easy to use
  • Great fit and finish, perfectly matches
  • Stays on the phone securely
  • Good quality lens glass


  • Needs a case option
  • Lens blocks the flash (which generally isn’t useful for this type of photography)

I think anyone seriously trying to stand out on Instagram or wherever you share photos, especially if you like to photograph motorcycles, should consider some sort of upgrade lens.  The $79.99 Olloclip is a superb option.

To see some sample shots on the Olloclip.com site go HERE




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