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How to tell the Ducati race team is making progress?

Posted by Vicki Smith on February 17th, 2015 at 10:36 am
Could this be  the view Rossi will see in 2015?

Could this be the view Rossi will see in 2015?


it was good when they were slow. But now I do not see why they continue to benefit from this regulation” – Valentino Rossi

It’s all smiles and press releases until the other racers start complaining.  That is the first sign the job is getting done and now, at least according to GP-Inside.com, that time has arrived.  Valentino Rossi,  fresh off the Malaysia test with hopes of a hard fought title in his future has become vocal about the benefits that Ducati will continue to receive as an open class entry.  The gist of his complaint is that as long as the team was slow it made sense, but now that it’s increasingly looking like they can score precious points the Yamaha’s need to contest for the championship it’s time to start venting about it.  For the whole article (in Italian) go HERE.

Exactly how much he has to worry about should become much clearer once the teams get to the second Sepang test later this month.



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