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Troy Bayliss Five Miles Tour – How To Watch From Anywhere In The World

Posted by Vicki Smith on May 17th, 2015 at 8:09 pm
Notice the i after the 21?  That's for International and those fans can watch for free as well

Notice the i after the 21? That’s for International and those fans can watch for free as well

The first stop on the Troy Bayliss “Five Miles”  tour is next weekend so this is a good time to fill new AMAPro Flat Track fans in on how to follow the races if they are too far away to go in person. 

If you love racing and like me have painfully shelled out hundreds of euros and dollars for the privilege of staying in the know, you are really going to like what I have to tell you about following Troy Bayliss on the Five Miles Tour.  It’s easy, totally free AND the coverage includes all the practice sessions and races.  Better yet, it’s a world wide feed with no regional restrictions.  Log on race day and get comfortable, you may find yourself wanting to stay a while.

Live coverage on the internet is available for all the races on Fanschoice.TV   http://www.fanschoice.tv/   It goes live on the day of the race prior to the first practice and stays live until after the main event. It works on any device and any website. It’s totally and completely free and works anywhere in the world. Just log on and click on the AMAPro section. Find the feed you are looking for and that’s it.

Full results are posted on the AMAPro website here within 30 minutes after the race.  A full recap of the entire event will appear withing 48 hours http://www.amaproracing.com/ft/  For updates in between make sure you check out the @AMAProFlatTrack Twitter feed HERE

Another great resource is “Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone” show which is available as a podcast you can subscribe to.  He covers a lot of different 2 wheeled topics but his long history as a flat track announcer makes him one of the best resources for intelligent interviews full of good info. Available on iTunes or go directly HERE    Barry also has a Twitter feed worth following @twowheelb HERE

Flat Track Live is a Facebook based resource that does a good job of staying on top of the Flat Track news.  Find them on Facebook HERE  and make sure you follow the twitter feed @FlatTrackLive as well HERE

Finally, this year flat track is coming to the XGames on June 4th and Johnny Lewis and the Lloyd Brothers Motorsport Ducati team will be there.  To follow them on Twitter go HERE and search the hashtag #XGamesFlatTrack

Harley-Davidson Flat-Track Racing Round One/LCQ/Final is on ESPN 9:30 – 11:30 EDT June 4th

Other obvious good resources for this exciting sport include the tracks themselves like the Sacramento mile @Sactomile and well know media resources like @DaveDespain and his Dave Despain Show on MavTV, or Chris Carr, who is now doing commentary for AMAPro racing and is very much in the know on his facebook page HERE

Best Troy Bayliss, Johnny Lewis and the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports resources include:

Troy Bayliss Athlete Facebook Page

Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Facebook page

@JohnnyLewis10 on Twitter or the official Johnny Lewis website HERE

And of course Ducati.net Facebook and Ductalk.com and this website

UPDATE:  Flat Track Weekly Radio covers flat track exclusively and can be followed by podcast. Both hosts are third generation racers and the show is a solid info source:


Know of a good resource I forgot?  Let me know by posting a comment on the Ducati.net facebook page







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