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Sacrilege and a Ducati 749R – The Story of Scarlett

Posted by Vicki Smith on July 30th, 2015 at 5:21 pm

Scarlett, 2005 Ducati 749R #0063

Prize winning Ducati Superbike becomes custom show winner

Story by Vicki Smith and Ezikiel Dacanay

Images by Michael Moore

This year Laguna Seca Ducati Island marked a big birthday, it’s 20th anniversary.  To celebrate Ducati North America put on a bike show and Ducati.net would like to showcase one of the winners.  “Scarlett” a 2005 749R owned by Ezikiel Dacanay is unusual for a lot of reasons but one of them is surely because he took a bike that would be considered rare and certainly collectible, and turned it into a “custom” which is not the usual core starter bike for custom projects.  It’s also a much harder bike to work with, getting ahead of the wires and water cooling plumbing to make it all look synchronous isn’t easy.  I’ll let Ezikiel tell you about it in his own words:

From Ezikiel:

Bit of history I’m originally from Yigo Guam. 31 now and living in SF California. When I first got on a bike I was 8 with my dad. And I fell in love.

When I was 15 I finally got my license and got to ride my dad’s 1990 Yamaha FZR600. Now – 15 years under my belt and multiple bikes I’ve ridden and owned.  My first “custom cafe” was my 1997 Ducati 916, Lily. The Love for her came from all directions. At the time Ducati cafes weren’t the hype like now. Unfortunately I had laid her down and was hospitalized. Concussion, broken finger, broken wrist, and road rash. Not too bad but was helicoptered out. Sad day that was. I got back on my feet with another Ducati. A 749R a 25k bike and one of my dream bikes. Plan was to cafe her too but I was so in love with her look and couldn’t bear to do it. So in desperate need to tinker and customize a bike I went looking for a vintage Honda CB500. Took a few months to find the right one but in due time I found her. A $700 1972 CB500 found in need of some TLC. Within a few months I had her up and running. I named her Dirty Annie, simply because of her dirty attitude and because her previous owner had named her Annie. She was featured in CafeRacerUnited.com and the San Francisco motorcycle community loved her. She also won an award at a local moto contest and I was also offered 3k to 5k numerous times. Of course I declined, simply because I love her and cannot see anyone else riding her.

Proof of a special pedigree, you won't see on many custom builds

Proof of a special pedigree, you won’t see on many custom builds

So once again I’ve gained a custom café, but deep inside me I was missing my old Ducati Café. Nothing bad with my Honda Café, it just I miss that power, that bark and especially that dry clutch sound. I know it’s a love or hate with dry clutches so to each their own. So back to the drawing board I went. Now I have mention earlier I could not come to ripping my 749R apart simply cause, well because she is a 749R! So I sadly posted her for sale. Few months pass and all low ballers and jackass’s that came to see her, I said “Screw this”.  Again I couldn’t bare to see my beloved bike to some jackass. So I did the unthinkable, I took her apart.

I realized that for the next Ducati Café I wanted she had it all. A race tuned engine, full Ohlins suspension,  Marchesini rims and also because I’ve only heard of one other 749R café out there. I wanted to be the next. The term Sacrilege was what a few riders called my work and honestly, it fit.

Scarlett was her name. A 2005 Ducati 749R #0063. Beautiful and vibrant red, so only suiting to name her Scarlett. Like I said before my plans were to never touch her. But a year later my need to custom got the best of me. Even after my second build, Dirty Annie, I was in the need to build again and try to make my mark as a garage builder.

The 749R was an awesome ride. Lots of love for the machine but I knew even being number 63 out of 500 (maybe), wasn’t enough to be unique in my books. So she became the ultimate “modern” Cafe. Although she came out more as a Cafe Fighter, she is still in any case a unique bike now. If I did sell I would of got myself a Ducati 900ss, Simply because of its raw power and simple carbureted, air cooled engine and not to mention its easy electrical. Honestly I am glad that didn’t happen. The SS has now become the go to Ducati café bike to customize.


The electrical in the 749R was a nightmare to tackle. With the immobilizer and pairing of keys, dash and ecu the only option was to flash it , costing me $800 plus, so that’s out of the question. Being that I’m limited on funds on this build I had to use my money wisely. Everything I took off was sold to fund my build. I did the same thing with the last two builds. My vision on most builds/bikes is to expose its beauty, the machine, and its raw look. For the 749R it was a challenge. Again with its electrical system it was hard for me to figure out, not impossible but hard and costly. For its body, well I just sold it all except for its beautiful large capacity tank.  A custom Carbon Fiber tail was made as well as an aluminum subframe and a exhaust setup.  The Performance was all there like I mentioned before so no time and or money wasted there. But with its new exhaust setup she screams more beast then ever.


Sacrilege, that word that follows my creations, Scarlett is extremely accurate. A perfectly beautiful, hard to find, collectors bike ripped apart. But I’m in love and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The Scarlet Letter was meant to be a symbol of shame, but instead its become a powerful symbol of identity.


A few of the modifications:

One-Off Parts:  Subframe, Carbon fiber Tail, CF Belly Pan, and Exhaust

HID headlight, LED brake lights and blinkers.

Full Ohlins, PCIII, Shorai Battery, Dyno tested.

30 or so lbs cut down from 405lbs.

Re-routed electrical and battery

Vented clutch housing

Forged Aluminum 10 spokes

Custom Decals by OverWatchDesigns.com

Paint by Stan Carlsen Body Shop