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Novegro is one of the largest Italian motorcycle swap meets held every year AND it's the same week as the Milan motorcycle show. I hadn't been in a couple of years so I headed over with some friends to check it out. Biggest difference? The Ducati stuff we never used to see was here in droves. That's a good thing. I have included a ton of photos this gallery because, well, it's acres and acres and you almost never see the same thing twice. So go get a beverage and join me for a walk around one of the coolest places a motorcycle lover could ever want to visit.

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Lots of photos, SO much rare Ducati stuff this year!



Yes, the racing season is still officially over but last year’s Marc Marquez supported Superprestigio flat track race in Barcelona, Spain, was something special and this year the word is out. To appreciate this event you don’t have to be a fan of flat track racing but if you are, then what you saw last January was American champion Brad Baker, (who had lobbied hard to be included and was a relatively last minute invite) take the MotoGP World Champion to school on dirt. The battle was close/epic and at the end the flag was red, white and blue. It was really something to see.

It’s happening again this weekend but now the word is out, lots of riders want in, and invites have gone to MotoGP riders including Scott Redding and Bradley Smith, noted flat trackers (including American’s Brad Baker, Jared Mees and my personal fav, kick ass lady rider Shayna Texter, 6 time Pro main winner) big names including Guy Martin and Ducati’s 3 time SBK Champion Troy Bayliss and legacy’s Alex Marquez, Remy Gardner and Kenny Noyes. Throw in about a dozen Moto 2 and Moto 3 guys, some WSBK guys and you are starting to get the picture.  There are two classes, Open and the Superprestigio and the depth of the talent in those fields has to about as accomplished a group as you will ever see.

It’s not on TV in the USA but Cycle World, Fans Choice TV and Motorcyclist Magazine are streaming it live on Saturday December 13th, starting at noon EST until about 6pm. So skip the mall, make some popcorn and pull up a chair.  This is going to be good.

For more info on the event, the entry field and some interesting history go HERE to Dennis Noyes good overview on

Want a look at what you missed in January? Here’s the HD Slow Motion Video (It’s beautiful to watch)



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I’d be the first person to say that Ducati motorcycles in general are art. Of course, as we have all heard, “Art is in the eye of the beholder” but this year at Art Basel, Miami, one of the worlds largest gathering of art lovers that takes place yearly, I came across two Ducati art projects within blocks of each other. They could not have been more different.

The first, a blinged out Diavel by (wait for it…) artist Mr. Bling, was commissioned by Ducati Miami and fit the spirit of the week well.  I didn’t ask the price, (or whether sun glasses came with it) but in person under the showroom lights it was pretty spectacular.

The second, well, I’ll explain it and I look forward to your comments.  Mounted to a huge canvas was a 900SS that had been sawed in half and painted over in the style made popular by Jackson Pollock.  It was explained to me that the artist, an Italian from Genova by the name of Federico Uma felt that this Ducati was a symbol of greed, which he embodied by putting a “diamond” in the tank and a dollar bill on the front fork.

The artist wasn’t there but I explained to the (really nice) gallery owner that I thought it was ironic that the particular Ducati he had murdered was the one most loved by people new to the brand because it was so affordable.  That it’s appeal was that it represented a fine Italian machine the masses could easily buy.  I kept my final thought private because it occurred to me that this poor slaughtered SuperSport was likely picked by the artist for that very reason, it was cheap.

Want to take it home? Get your wallet out. The price of his political statement against capitalism? $80,000  For a video of both bikes click HERE