Upcoming Event Info 2015

What we know so far:

Barber Festival, Oct. 9th,10th,11th, 2015 Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds, AL

Weekend plans will once again include a Ducati group hotel, the Saturday night Tex-Mex dinner and the “Fly On The Wall” discussion Saturday night (Racers to be named later )

Barber Vintage Festival Hotel Info:

  • Hotel Booking Link for 2015 Barber Vintage Festival Ducati base camp hotel will be posted as soon as it’s available

 Golf Cart Rental – (Stay tuned, this is the 2014 info but it should remain the same)

We will have a group arrangement with the contractor that brings in the golf carts which always sell out so if you want one it’s best to book early.  Contact for the group booking form.  Because outside carts are not allowed, helmets are required for bikes and the shuttle generally runs full and spends a lot of time dropping off and picking up, many of us find that renting a golf cart is hard to beat at this event. Rentals start at $98 a day, two day minimum

Saturday Night Ducati Dinner: 7:30pm at Pablos

Here are the details on the 2014 dinner at Pablos Mexican Restaurant that was held on Saturday night. The 2015 even should be similar, and will be posted as soon as it’s organized in final detail (Pablos is in the center where the Hilton hotel we are homebasing at, is located.

$17 total per person (includes tax and tip)

Assorted appetizers for the table

A main dinner choice from 8 menu items (see menu below)

desert (churros) and soft drinks (beer/margaritas/wine not included but available)

Dinner starts at 7:30, pay in advance at the door.  We will meet in the hotel lobby at 7:30 and walk over or just meet the group there.

RSVP to Vicki -> Vicki at Ducati dot net (space, obviously, is limited, so as always, when it’s full, it’s full)

Here’s the full menu:

Pablos Menu 2014

Ducati Group Menu






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