Ducati.net gathering at Barber Vintage Festival 2012

Join us for our 2nd annual Ducati.net get together during the 2012 Barber’s Vintage Festival.  Here’s what we have in the planning:

Event dates: October 11th – 14th, 2012

Location: Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, Alabama

Because Triumph is the featured brand this year at Barbers Vintage Festival we are taking a different approach, and focusing on the camaraderie and riding. We recognize that it’s pretty hard to top a good group of Ducati people getting together to ride, tell stories and drink cold beverages and we are not inclined to mess with that time honored formula. So we booked a great hotel to gather at in the evenings, and we are kicking off the weekend on Thursday with an epic ride.  We can’t think of ANYTHING more fun to ride in than an Italian Motogiro style event and there is a great one one coming to Barbers this year – Motogiro South

We’ve joined up with the Motogiro-USA group who have been lured out of the NE USA to do Motogiro South at Barber’s.   Sponsored by VintageMotos Museum, Motogiro South is a celebration in honor of our friend Jim Dillard, who was about as good a friend a little vintage bike could ever ask for.  That’s Thursday. Friday begins the Ducati.net set up at the racetrack and the hotel gatherings (we have our own private great room for bench racing and story telling by the full bar)  We have moved to the main hotel to the Hilton, in the same shopping park as last year so that wonderful curvy road to the track is still all our’s to enjoy daily….

Motogiro South is a one day event and will be extremely limited event entry and will sell out in advance. Entry’s are now open:  www.motogiro-usa.com

Motogiro-USA rules apply – Vintage class maxes out at 305 cc.  (touring class for everybody else is still under discussion, we would love to have one, so stay tuned)

Wednesday night Motogiro South check in (Ducati Basecamp Hotel)

Thursday – Motogiro South and Motogiro South dinner

Friday lunch ride to the Whistle stop Cafe – Meet in the Ducati club area at 12:30 pm

Fri/Sat/Sun Ducati.net VIP  area trackside for race viewing, bike parking, shade, cold water and CAMPING!  (see below for how to book the camping)

Saturday (Ducati bike show, Ducati Sound contest)

Saturday night – 7:30 group dinner at Pablos Cantina (walk from hotel)

$15 includes tip for Fajita bar/bev/desert  (pay at door) RSVP vicki@ducati.net to reserve a spot, first come first serve

After dinner – Tall tales in the Ducati VIP Lounge at the hotel – special guest, Cook Neilson


No separate ticket for Ducati area at track needed (but you do need a ticket to get into the track of course, those are $40 advance purchase)

Ducati Central Hotel (aka, the place to be):


Here how Ducati camping works….


  1.  Go to ticket and camping page of the Vintage festival or Barber Park website
  2. Locate “Lot C” motorhome or “Lot C”  tent (whichever is desired) Click number of sites required
  3. Once ticket and camping selection has been made…Click “Proceed to checkout”
  4. On the checkout page where you see promotion type in “Ducati” and continue the checkout procedure

Anyone who already purchased camping can call the ticket line and give the “Ducati” code and the adjustment will be made.


Event tickets are on sale now, best deal in racetrack events ever $40 advance purchase for the 3day weekend:  Barber Vintage Festival Tickets








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