“Hard to get all mechano-erotical…

if your ins and outs ain’t desmodromical”

Cook Neilson to the email group, was the first Ducati group on the web, and in the first group of Official Desmo Owners Clubs picked by Ducati in 2001. Participation includes you as a super enthusiast, someone who chooses the Ducati brand as a passion. participants are in the loop for all the ins and outs of Ducati activities – Ducati Islands, World Ducati Week’s, group hotels, we work closely with Ducati North America to make it easy for you to stay informed about all fun things Ducati.

To participate as an official member of is easy. To join the conversation on the email list HERE (scroll down to subscribe and just insert your email address, password and tick the box if you want digest or individual emails). To check out the archives, go HERE

To register to get the items and benefits Ducati offers to Ducati club members, is a separate registration. (If you do not do this you will not get the free stuff nor will Ducati have you on file as a DOC member, which cuts you out of all the club program perks) Here’s what you need to do to get listed as an official DOC member: Go to this link:

Fill out the form, both and Ducati Owners Club of South Florida (the 2 clubs we admin) come up under Florida – you must choose one or the other to register and then in the box please include this additional info in the text box that we must have to submit you: 

Your full mailing address, city, state and zip 
what size t-shirt you wear 
what year make and model Ducati you have 
Your Ducati CODE number if you have one 

If you do not send all this info they will not accept you membership from us.  Be aware that doing this is giving permission to share your data with Ducati for club purposes… 

About the discussion group: Our email format offers benefits a forum can not – answers fast on virtually any topic from 1199’s to Cucciolos, because every request goes out to thousands of other enthusiasts. is Crowdsourcing at it best.

We have two rules, please try and keep the topic Ducati oriented and please do not spoil a race result, race discussions need SPOILER in the subject line.

Hanging with Dr.T
Dr. T and Vicki Smith at the first WDW, Misano Italy

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Nice to “meet” you, hope to see you here, or at the races,

Vicki Smith and

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