Rules and Regulations

In general, is a pretty friendly group. We encourage people to meet, make friends, go for a ride. This tends to keep the bad behavior to a minimum because many of us are known in person, not just by our e-mail address. Still, keeping any discussion with a few thousand people in it civil and informative, not to mention going in the right direction, is never easy. We believe it’s because our participants appreciate and follow some simple rules. Please take a minute to look them over in total. They are:

1) Please follow the basic rules of Netiquette. If you are unfamiliar with how to send e-mail and generally behave online, here’s the link for the most widely excepted rules of behavior on the net. See:

We like the golden rule too. If you don’t know what that is, feel free to look it up. Sending a rude or angry post to the entire list rather than the list admin. when someone breaks a rule may give you instant gratification, but it also makes you part of the problem.

2) Remember how many people will hear what you are about to say. With the advent of the mass communication it is possible to do damage to another person or business way beyond what is right or fair – deserved or not – with one e-mail to thousands of people. Therefore this list’s policy is to please keep personal disputes off line. It’s OK to repeat your experience’s, good or bad but please try & keep it unbiased. If you have any questions regarding a post prior to sending it please feel free to run it by the list administrators at

3) Try to word your post so that your tone is clear and understood. Feel free to use smileys if you are joking. They may be silly but they are a well known symbol of humor and as we all know, humor when misunderstood can seem hateful or mean. If your post is misunderstood or has an unintended unpleasant result please make the correction online as soon as you see the problem. It takes no time at all for the furniture in our virtual living room to start flying when a simple statement meaning something else entirely comes off as raciest or biased in some un-socially correct way. Ducati owners are a VERY diverse group, please keep that in mind at all times.

4) Please be specific in your subject line. If you are replying to a part of a post that basically changes the topic it is correct to change the subject line as well. For example: If the original subject line was: New 916 but the new post is about brake pads it should now read: Brake Pads (was: New 916) The reason this is important is so that someone who wasn’t interested in 916′s, but might want to read about brake pads, doesn’t miss a post they normally would want to read. It also helps find the post later when it’s in the archives.

5) One line replies such as “I agree” and “Me too” should always go to the original sender, not to the list.

6) If an e-mail you are replying to is more than a few day’s old it’s incorrect to reply to the group. Chances are the original sender has gotten an answer to his question already. If you think it’s possible they have not, then please reply to the person directly. If this result’s in a discussion the group would enjoy please CC: them at that point.

7) PLEASE TRIM YOUR POSTS. In most cases it is not necessary to copy the entire post in your reply. Please copy the pertinent part that you are replying to, make sure it is clearly marked in quote brackets and place your answer ABOVE it. To forget to trim or worse, to copy back an entire digest makes the next digest practically unreadable.

The format below is the correct reply style:

I agree with Sam’s opinion on the ABC exhaust. I found them very easy to install and I liked the sound level as well. Mike Jones ’96 900CR <<<< I found the ABC exhaust perfect for my needs.>>>>

8) No flaming, no profanity, no posts intentionally designed to incite the members. This behavior will result in removal without warning.

9) No blatant dealer/vendor advertising. We strongly encourage dealer participation but spamming the list with ads is against the rules. However, if a member is looking for your product it is considered helpful to reply with price and availability.

10) Questions regarding subscribes and unsubscribes should go to the list administrator at , not to the list.

11) SPOILERS – Spoilers are posting anything the rest of the group doesn’t want to know like a movie ending or especially, a race result. It happens the beginning of every anxiously awaited season, somebody all excited about a result will post the list with the results in the subject line or in the text under a currently existing subject line which slaps those who are trying to watch the race when it broadcasts in the face with the results. Please follow the following, simple rules when you post the forum, excited about discussing the qualification/race you just watched:

Do not post ANY race results as part of your message subject:

“Capirex wins in Jerez!!!!” <- VERY BAD
“Rossi falls in Jerez!” <- VERY BAD
“What a race in Jerez!!!” <- OK, but see next rule

Put the word SPOILER in the subject if you will be posting any sort of qual/race results:

“jerez” <- MOSTLY BAD
“jerez (***SPOILERS***)” <- VERY GOOD

IMPORTANT: Do not add race results to a thread that isn’t already marked with SPOILER. in other words, if you add a post like “and how about rossi falling in jerez today!” to an existing thread named “pictures of grid girls here”… <- VERY VERY BAD

These rules will apply for THREE DAYS after the race. i.e. after one week you can post about that particular race in any way that you wish. But not before. Please be considerate of the people who don’t get to see the races live, some of whom may have to wait a few days before seeing them.