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Giving you new custom bike a Mafia-related name requires a certain amount of bravado. After all, portraying something that’s got your life in its hands as a violent, vindictive and possibly unhinged criminal doesn’t bode so well for your future personal safety. Open the garage door one sunny Sunday to find it in a bad mood and you could well end up riding with the fishes. Luckily for us, the Netherlands‘ Wrench Kings are still healthy enough to tell us about this, their brand new Ducati Monster cafe they’ve named ‘Mobster’.

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Posted by Vicki Smith at 8:04 am

We look back into the 25 years of Ducati Monster, the bike that transformed street motorcycle market.Who would have known that a motorcycle inspired by a movie poster will go onto become one of the most legendary motorcycles in the history of the world. The Ducati Monster not just created the naked street-fighter category, and it is not just a bike that saved DUCATI from imminent bankruptcy, what it is truly is a phenomenon that transformed the industry. The Ducati Monster history is worth talking about again and again and here we ride through its origin and evolution over the years.

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