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Posted by Vicki Smith at 8:04 am

We look back into the 25 years of Ducati Monster, the bike that transformed street motorcycle market.Who would have known that a motorcycle inspired by a movie poster will go onto become one of the most legendary motorcycles in the history of the world. The Ducati Monster not just created the naked street-fighter category, and it is not just a bike that saved DUCATI from imminent bankruptcy, what it is truly is a phenomenon that transformed the industry. The Ducati Monster history is worth talking about again and again and here we ride through its origin and evolution over the years.

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Posted by Vicki Smith at 10:15 am

When it comes to significance for both its manufacturer and a generation of riders, few bikes can get close to the Ducati Monster. The brain-child of Argentinean designer Miguel Galluzzi (now head of design at Piaggio), under the direction of the legendary Massimo Bordi, the Monster was both something of a parts-bin special born out of necessity and a masterstroke that proved so successful it saved Ducati.
Indeed, in becoming an overnight best-seller that first M900 not only spawned both a whole family of other Monsters (600 and 750 versions soon followed) it inspired a breed of imitators sufficient to create the whole naked class and in doing so became the very backbone of Ducati’s modern line-up.

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